Building a space for “Overcome”

We were pleased to host Mendi + Keith Obadike at Drake last week and the Anderson was especially pleased for the opportunity to exhibit “Overcome,” an audio-visual installation by the Obadikes (on display through Friday, April 14).

2017-04-09 20.48.01

In order to properly display “Overcome,” we had some work to do.

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1 week at the anderson

We here at the Anderson really don’t like down-time, so we booked ourselves an exhibit deinstall, a public lecture, and an exhibit install in the same 5 day period.  Here’s a quick look at 1 crazy week at the Anderson.

Thanks to the Drake Art & Design faculty for their help with the Art3 deinstall, John Fender for presenting “The Material Aspect,” Paul Brenin for his help with laying out the Juried Student Exhibit, and my usual gallery crew for assisting with the install.




Welcome to the Anderson Gallery Back of the House!

You already know the front of the house – it’s the part of the gallery where the walls are artfully lined with artwork, pedestals are polished up and topped off with sculpture, lectures are presented, cheese and crackers served up and where artists get to meet their (adoring ? critical?) audience.  The front of the house is where artists and the public really get to learn more about each other.

Front of the house visitors getting to know some artists….and themselves.

We love the front of the house and we’ll talk more about it later.  But this site is about the back of the house.  The back of the house is where the real work of the gallery happens. Continue reading “Welcome!”